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70% of members pay no out-of-pocket cost for glasses!

The risk of blindness can be reduced by 90% with timely treatment and follow-up care.

Vision Insurance

Coverage from Davis Vision. 

Professional Insurance Services, Inc. (PISI) is proud to administer a fully-insured group-rated vision plan underwritten by Davis Vision, Inc.

With the Davis Vision vision program, administered by PISI, you will quickly and clearly “see” the benefits to being a part of the group. By joining other MSTA members, you have the availability of comprehensive vision benefits with competitive group rates.


With the low cost to be a part of this program, participation easily pays for itself whether it be on the exam, glasses, contacts, the unconditional breakage warranty, or even the discounted laser vision correction.

Vision insurance plans coverage includes* (in-network/out-of-network):

*See full outline below for details

  • Routine Examination ($10 Copayment / up to $40 reimbursement)

  • Frames* (100% Davis Frame Collection / up to $50 reimbursement)

  • Standard Eyeglass Lenses ($10 copayment per pair)

    • Single Vision (100% / up to $40 reimbursement)

    • Trifocal (100% / up to $60 reimbursement)

    • Aphakic/Lenticular (100% / up to $80 reimbursement)

    • Bifocal (100% / up to $100 reimbursement)

  • Contact Lenses (in lieu of eyeglasses)

    • Disposable: Included in Plan Formulary / up to $80 combined allowance

    • Additional 15% discount on any overages

  • Warranty
    • Unconditional breakage warranty to repair or replace any Davis Vision laboratory supplied eyeglasses for a period of one year from the date of delivery
  • Laser Vision Correction
    • $200 Lifetime Allowance (with prior approval)
  • Additional Pairs of Eyeglasses
    • 30% discount on additional pairs of eyeglasses obtained at an in-network provider




Thousands of providers to choose from!

You can visit any licensed provider and still have coverage. But, you usually will save money if you visit network provider.  Your routine eye exam will be covered in full at a network provider. 


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